Support Animals

Our Support Animals

Our family of animals, many of whom have been rescued, each have an important job at Jasper Ridge Farm. This hard working group bring joy and comfort to people through their unconditional acceptance. Learn about each of our animals below. They all have unique personalities and special ways they bring happiness to people.

Each of these gentle support animals have specific needs in order to stay healthy and happy. Please consider sponsoring an animal for a year to help us give them the best possible care!


Kachina, born on May 5, 2005, was donated by a Woodside family who wanted her to have a job. Kachina regularly visits children at Ronald McDonald House and local homeless shelters for families, as well as senior citizens in assisted living facilities, and inmates in local jails. She was also the star of the "Fashion for Compassion" fundraising fashion show for the Peninsula Humane Society, where she modeled her ladybug costume on the catwalk! Kachina is a beautiful silver dapple color, with unusual blue eyes.

Ayana ("Yaya")

Yaya was part of a herd of miniature horses rescued by the Peninsula Humane Society, and we adopted her in 2009 when she was 11-months old. She was named in honor of a little girl we met during a visit to Ronald McDonald House. Unbeknownst to us, Yaya was in foal when we adopted her, which brought us Henry.  Yaya is our resident musician giving "Lady Yaya" performances where she plays an electronic keyboard with her nose. 

Henry Kapono

Our surprise baby was born on July 30, 2010. Henry Kapono earned his name through a "name the baby contest", and has been visited several times by the real Henry Kapono from Hawaii! Destined for life as a therapy horse, our little Henry has entertained visitors since he was 3 days old.

Leo & Laverne

Leo and Laverne are Nigerian Dwarf Goats. No one can believe they are twins by looking at them! Laverne is black and white, while Leo is tri-colored and much larger than his sister. Born on July 20, 2009, they have been working hard as therapy goats for quite a few years. They ride in the back of the Ford Expedition to visit children at Ronald McDonald House and other facilities and shelters. They are friendly and smart, and are quite the comedians of the barn! Saltine crackers are among their favorite treats. 

Oliver and Buster

Buster and Oliver are Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep. This rare and interesting breed is also called "the smiling sheep" because they always have a little smile on their faces. Buster has white wool, while Oliver has black. They are half-brothers - Buster was born on March 19, 2013 and Oliver was born on April 3, 2013. They are gentle, placid, friendly, and generally unflappable. We get many double-takes as other drivers notice the sheep riding in the back of the Ford Expedition!


Pippin joined our family in January 2014 when we adopted him from the Peninsula Humane Society. He is white, with striking black eyelashes and black eyes. Pippin has brought love and snuggles to thousands of children and adults. Soft and fluffy, gentle and cuddly, Pippin is very popular.

Sesame and Curry

Sesame and Curry are sisters who were also adopted from the Peninsula Humane Society, and joined the Jasper Ridge Farm family in 2017. Sesame is black, while Curry is honey brown color. They quickly settled in to the lifestyle of therapy bunnies with their sweet, gentle nature. They love Italian parsley and will nibble on the same stalk together. 

Momo and Wang

Momo and Wang are both tri-colored, short haired guinea pigs who joined us in 2016 from the Peninsula Humane Society. The smallest members of the Jasper Ridge Farm family play an important role. Because of their diminutive size, they are especially appealing to small children, and those with some fear of larger animals. Momo and Wang enjoy visiting children and adults in need from their cozy, soft, carrying pockets. Knowing their greens and carrots are coming, they squeak cheerfully when we open the refrigerator door!


Oreo BCE (best cat ever!), has the distinction of being the first animal to adopt us. He arrived at our barn one evening in 2009, and has been with us ever since. He is a masterful hunter, keeping the rodents away from our hay and grain. He keeps watch over the comings and goings at the farm, and is good friends with the goats, Leo and Laverne. He is a wonderful ambassador, greeting visitors and rolling over on his back to encourage them to rub his white tummy. Oreo's presence completes our barn!


The Jasper Ridge Farm flock of chickens consists of Buff Orpingtons, Cochins and Dominiques. Residing in their girl-scout-built chicken villa, our therapy chickens have a safe and roomy home. They are popular and unflappable (pun intended) when visiting with children and adults in need. Named by donors, our flock includes Noodle, Sunny, Fluffy Bum, Natalie, Bobby, Sarah, Phyllis Diller, Nugget, and friendly Little Red.
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