We could not do what we do without the amazing force of volunteers we have. If you have a few free hours that you can dedicate to others, we have multiple volunteer opportunities. 

Youth Volunteer Program

Our youth volunteer program offers children meaningful opportunities to volunteer. Children gain hands-on experience and learn how to feed, exercise, groom, pet, socialize and care for all our animals. They also spend time doing chores to help us maintain our farm. We believe that by teaching children how to care for animals, to respect them, to treat them with kindness and patience, they also learn to treat people the same way. This program is broken into two groups. Our Juniors program is for children ages 8-13, and our Youth program is for children ages 14-18. For more information call 650-703-5199 or email rachel@jasperridgefarm.org.

Animal Care Volunteer

Our family of animals need daily care, feeding, cleaning, and love! If you have a couple hours available in the morning on a specific day of the week, we need people who can commit to a somewhat regular schedule of helping to take care of our animals. For more information call 650-703-5199 or email cynthia@jasperridgefarm.org

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Jasper Ridge Farm is a great place for a team building activity and a day of giving back. We always have special projects needing to be done around the farm, and the best part is that while you're giving back to your community, you also get to spend time with our awesome farm animals! The day will make for some great team photos. For more information call 650-703-5199 or email alyssa@jasperridgefarm.org.


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